søndag den 16. juni 2013

Erdogan's Islamic Holocaust against Secular Turkey has just begun, already using Nazi style gas chambers - now documented how Jewish and other victims of Nazi gas chambers experienced penetrating chemicals suffocating them in a confined space. Erdogan and other Islamic Imperialists have to be stopped now or we regret another Holocaust being pertpetrated in a World where since 1948 10 million Muslims have been killed by Muslims and many more non-believers and non-Muslims have been and will be subject to Islamic Imperialism genocide should World not react now

We are like #Jewish witnesses that escaped #Holocaust and were then interned and silenced or re-deported - we keep talking - this report is the closest we get to document what Jewish and other victims of Nazi gas chambers experience minutes before they died. Gassed by Islamic chemicals in a confined space: http://vagustv.wpengine.com/?p=123

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