torsdag den 20. juni 2013

7 suspension​s by twitter within one minute! You are apparently hacked by #Islamic #Imperiali​st #Iran dear twitter

Interesting development - first time I have been targeted so obviously by serial multiple censorship messages by twitter at one single time point? Dear Twitter Support, for some reason you are apparently giving in to Iranian propagandists barrage of fake or misplaced disabling attempts to censor us political refugees from Iran, in particular secular liberals and atheists, in particular performers/actors, witnesses and survivors from Iran's Islamic Holocaust already documented and condemned at Iran Tribunal, London and Hague, if you don't believe us survivors' account. Here is one of those twitter apparently listens to and applies the UN and OIC Istanbul Process and Durban I+II Islamic censorship to twitter debate. You seriously need to clear up these, probably spammer-censorship bots @twitter. Regards, Pedd

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