søndag den 1. april 2012

A call to all, liberals, communists, conservatives, nationalists, secularists, humanists and atheists: resist Islamic military and political invasion of Europe, USA and Australasia

A call to all, liberals, communists, conservatives, nationalists, secularists, humanists and atheists: resist Islamic military and political invasion of Europe, USA and Australasia:
One step more in Islamic Imperialist invasion of Great Britain like the one earlier step reported by Channel Four Dispatches Britain's Islamic Republic in Tower Hamlet through Labour Party facilitation of Islamic extremists political wings. George Galloway wins Bradford West byelection. He was a supported of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and is hired by Islamic Imperialist State of Iran's Press TV, which recently was banned from British media space due to programmes like coersion and torture of Newsweek journalist Bahrami on air, forcing him to an interview, while his torturer was present and watched his every move and word...Galloway reminds me of Alec Guiness's Bolshevik character in the Boris Pasternak-David Lean epic Dr. Zhivago. Bolsheviks were ordered to organise defeat to Germany and today's Bolsheviks are trying to organise a defeat to Islamic Imperialism. However, liberal democracies, especially the emergening Muscular Liberalism, would defeat Galloway-types and Islamic Imperialism and neo-Nazi axis of it. An Iranian Islamic state man in United Nation so-called Human Rights Council, sponsored by the same state that has hired Galloway, said in an interview June 2010, that Copenhagen will have an Islamic majority population in 2025, hence will have a complete Islamic rule, not only those grand mosque promoting collaborateurs, the Copenhagen City Council majority traitors and their majority government: google translate if you wish and listen to Galloway's "colleague" on the imbedded video. He aslo says that Punishment should not be called Torture, for instance, he says, Islamic lashing should not be called torture. Galloway is here to help these Islamic Imperialists with their Press TV propaganda and now voted in by Islamic majority of Bradford, based on the statistics provided by the Guardian newspaper. http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=TVBLjKeIYbk&context=C4e​f5df6ADvjVQa1PpcFNCmh_QJfn5g4I​MJ5lOa58kahj23SxfR6M%3D

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  1. First they took Tower of Hamlet, http://www.channel4.com/​programmes/dispatches/​episode-guide/series-54/​episode-1 then they took Bradford West...what next? Copenhagen? http://www.guardian.co.uk/​politics/2012/mar/30/​george-galloway-bradford-we​st-byelection?fb=native&CM​P=FBCNETTXT9038

  2. Some friend just commented that I should not exaggerate Islamic Imperialism power and not be Islamophobic and I replied:
    I do not exaggerate Islamic Imperialism's power. In fact, Islam was from its inception an Imperialist power invading and conquering Persia, Egypt, Roman Byzantic Empire, India, Spain, Eastern and Western Europe and now Tower Hamlet, Bradford, Luton, even streets of Paris, Manhattan and Copenhagen are being invaded, grand mosques, 40000 suare metres of it just in 2011 was given permssion ny Copenhagen and Aarhus City councils, i.e. capital and second largest city in Denmark! Persia underestimated Islamic Imperialism and was invaded forever around the year 621. Around 1400 years after, your are repeating Iranian leftist analysis that Islam is just a temporary transitional materialistic dialectic historical phase or something? I say, it is very violent and very powerfull force, but secular liberal democracy will beat it! Nazism and its Japanese-Fascist-italian axis and their many other allies were underestimated in more recent history of Europe, USA and Australasia, and all ended being forced to bloody WWII, defence of last pieces of Europe not being Nazified, i.e. the British Isles and Danish Greenland, and it all ended in an atomic war as we know all too well. Do not underestimate Islamic states, but defeat them with superpower Muscular Liberalism!

    By the way, it is not Islamophobia, but Islamonausea!