tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

Islam has from its inception been a violent, reactionary far far right Imperialist power.

Dear Maryam et al,

Thank you again for the necessary debate of "allies or enemies". Here are my comments having found an occasion finally to see the video reports at http://www.onelawforall.org.uk/videos-seminar-on-enemies-not-allies/.

All the talk about "far right" and "imperialism" covers up the historic fact that Islam has from its inception been a violent, reactionary far far right Imperialist power. Islam was not provoked, nor victimized to attack Persia, Egypt, Byzantic Roman Empire, India and Europe, but did it because it is an Imperialist, military-political, totalitarian and very aggressive doctrine. I thank one of the speakers, once, mentioning that Islamists are far right, but no one other wanted to admit it, and no one mentioned that Islamic states are Imperialists attacking our nations, for what Salman Rushdie told American audiences at Bill Maher debate show: Islamists are not worried about Palestinians or alike, they are after World dominance, he said. I call it Imperialism. So, let us face it, that the so-called "pro-Islam left" are in fact far right, reactionary pro-Islamic Imperialist collaborators. Thank you and let us then refocus our efforts to combat Islamist Imperialists, here through civic, peaceful but decisive legal means, while showing civil courage on the level of our soldiers' military courage at the frontlines against Islamic Imperialist armies.

The gentleman previously member of Hiz bu Tahrir, now claiming to oppose Islamism as an attacking militant force, expressed no objections to the Ground Zero Mosque, on the contrary only criticized its opponents, indirectly criticizing a coalition that includes families of the victims of the Islamic attack. Please remember that the Ground Zero Mosque is in fact a Ground Zero Mosque in that the building the Islamic Imperialist financiers and organizers are claiming was a functioning coat factory, American workers labouring there, untill Islamic Imperialists attacked WTC and debris falling destroyed the building to condemnation status. It is yet another Islamic Imperialist attempt at conquest in our territories and I am all for those Americans, who try to launch public education and legal action to stop it.

Sincerely, Pedram

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